Our Vision
To give valued services in the field of education.

Education with values:

Knowledge Trust to pioneer a new movement for ushering in world-class quality in higher education in Orissa starting right from +2 Science Level. Knowledge Trust also wants to be a catalyst for social development in Odisha and its neighboring states.

Our Mission
Knowledge Trust in its endeavor to establish itself as a viable and prosperous knowledge enterprise looks forward to acquire, develop, transmit and use knowledge as a tool for human empowerment by building institutions of quality starting right from Basic Sciences at +2 Science level. Academics, research, training and consulting services are the areas of focus for Knowledge Trust.


Faculty :

TIBS, BBSR, one of the elite educational institution in our city amidst pristine surroundings, and part of a well known and sought educational group, has a faculty strength make confidence to all. Our dedicated teacher and staffs, provide students a caring and individual attention, making sure that each student keeps-up with its respective peer group. Such measures have enhanced the pride and Self-respect of each member of this college and has therefore been the cause of a very low attrition rate, while being a more than happy workforce who take pride in what they accomplish.

The faculty includes personalities who are masters in their respective subject and combine this knowledge with an easy eloquence and student friendly approach that has come from many years of teaching experiene. The teachers work towards not just ensuring success, which is a primary objective but also contribute towards the concept building and holistic growth of the students.

  • Special Class for weak students
  • Performance enhancement classes.
  • Doubt clearing classes
  • motivation classes
  • Special classes for Council Examinations
  • Proctorial System

Mr. Anadi Charan Sahu

M.Sc. (Utkal Univ.), PhD.

Mr. Biswonath Biswal
(Lect. In Math.)


Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Behera
(Lect. In Math.)


Ms. Bijayalaxmi Pradhan
(Lect. In Chem.)

M.Sc, M.Phil

Mr. Girija Shankar Das
(Lect In I.T.)


Mr. Visworanjan Mohanta
(Lect in Phy.)

M.Sc, M.Phil

Ms. Madhusmita Jena
(Lect in Phy.)


Ms. Atasi Mishra
(Lect. In Bot.)


Mr. Sudhanshu Moharana
(Lect in English)

M.A, M.Phil

Dr. Jyostna Rani Padhi
(Lect In Odia)

M.A, Ph.d

Mr. Debashri Pattanayak
(Lect in Hindi)


Dr. Balaram Panda
(Lect in Sansktit)

M.A, Ph.d

Mr. Mrutyunjay Swain


Mr.Sudhanshu Ku Rout
(Physics Demoinstrator )

Tests :

Our tests are designed to assess the performance of the students in all subjects and the feedback of this innovation has been positive and students are seen to be more regular and competitive in their day-to-day work and preparation. Both objective (entrance) test and subjective (CHSE) tests are regularly conducted to formulate a quality based-education among students.
During review tests, we advise students to be strictly honest in their own interest. However, if any student is found copying from his/her neighbor he/she will be terminated without any excuse. We do not appreciate students missing any class or test without our prior permission. Students must be punctual and disciplined. The tutorial sheets and any other study material are for the use of our students only. It shall not be redistributed, loaned or copied. If a student is found indulging in any such activities, misbehaving, being undisciplined or disobedient etc, he / she will be simply terminated. Our decision in such cases is final.
Grading system and report cards shall be sent to all parents through sms in every alternative month.
Study material :
The college provides study materials in book form to the students. Experienced faculty members under the guidance of the Principal and Course Co-coordinator are entrusted with preparation of such study material. These materials contain lucidly explained concepts, practice exercises and problems & solutions.

Study material Contains :

  • Concept coverage: Focused and in-depth theory to ensure a strong foundation
  • Solved examples: A simple, lucid & systematic approach to problem focusing not only on “HOW” but also on the “WHY” of the solution
  • Exercises and problems: A specially designed and graded exercise portion covering the vital aspects of the topic for comprehensive practice
  • Extensive coverage of objective type problem: Thousands of multiple Choice questions are given to students in the form of objective assignments and practice tests


Our Winning Technique:

TIBS, Bhubaneswar, firmly believe that theory provides only a conceptual frame work for understanding and that true learning starts only by application of theoretical concepts. In our college, you will find the dry approach to learning is replaced by a teaching environment that allots specific tasks to students so that they learn practiced implementation of concepts.
“When working with young athletes, winning is most important” This quote rightly sums up our evolutionary teaching approach which concentrates on the true learning process to achieve exceptional results. Our innovative teaching approach transforms the way, students think and act when faced with real life examination.
Even though our courses are essentially designed for integrated way to suit for all types of entrance examinations, the efforts of our faculties are multi-prolonged to ensure that no student is left out of the fold of engineering and medical education. The atmosphere at TIBS is highly conducive for
Building of solid fundamentals


  • Sharpening analytical skills and parallel thinking process
  • Creativity enhancement through motivation and drive
  • Pursuit of excellence and self-discipline
  • Confidence building
  • Personality development
  • Permanent faculty
  • Well planned class room session
  • Lectures on basic concepts
  • Solving typical problems
  • Discussion on tips and short-cuts
  • Discussion on problem solving techniques
  • Detail notes on +2 basis
  • Discussion on advance topics and problems
  • Removal of doubts and difficulties
  • Individual attention to the students
  • Regular test and evaluation
  • Study Material
  • Identical practice tests
  • Feed-back to parents: At TIBS, parents get elaborate feed-back system with regular parent teacher meetings and constant communication like telephonic calls and SMS system.



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